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A Portal dedicated to kids & to adults who missed their childhood.
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Uselessness of worry : WORRYING about your hard work does not make the work any easier, and it only makes you less strong and courageous for doing it.
WORRYING about some misfortune that you cannot help makes the misfortune no less and only renders its endurance harder. Thus far even common sense goes. The religion goes further, and assures us that even the hard things, the obstacles and the hindrances, become blessings if we meet them in faith, stepping stones upward, disciplinary experiences in which we grow ever into nobler, stronger life.
Quote from In Green Pastures By -J.R. Miller, D.D.
" Children represent future, and there can be no future with out a present. All our personal and social achievements would be futile if we do not know that we shall eventually be replaced by millions of new beings, by new energy and new talents that will take the best we have achieved in our days and will pass it down to their children to the new generations, to those who are destined to make life most wonderful. "
OUR mission is to transform the above dreams to reality through Information Technology and World Wide Web. WE devote this portal solely to Kids & Young Teens and give a helping hand to step in to TREASURE HOUSE of information through direct interaction and participation by providing FREE Internet space. This will enable kids to expose and enrich their inborn talents & abilities and enhance their knowledge in the fields of education, health, food, dress, entertainment etc., and to achieve an all round personality development so as to become useful citizens of our great country.

WE are proudly announcing the introduction of a novel scheme - “SUPPLEMENT and get a COMPLIMENT”. This new facility will help all visitors to add any interesting matter and useful information, as if it is your own site and avail sponsored Gifts or merit certificates. Please visit the Link “COMPLIMENTS” for details.

The net contents of this portal are mainly divided in to 3 groups according to the age groups viz. Up to 5 years (Royal Blooms), 6 to 11 years (Little Princes & Little Princesses), 12 to 17 years (Little Kings & Little Queens)
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Kids Web India-A portal for kids,kids web site,kids portal,online games for kids,entertainment, educational multilingual web site for children with interactive activities,personal portal for children,quiz,safe kids site,kids portal for parents,teachers,best kids portal,kerala,india,indian children,kerala children,G.K,Quiz,child artists.
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