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Smile a while Compiled by - Many
While we smile, we express our happiness, pleasure or many other feelings like amusement, sympathy, contempt, irony, acceptance, love, affection etc. And above all a pleasant satisfaction and mental relaxation.
Wishing you a pleasing smile.
Furnished below are few jokes we received from many well wishers. If you wish to add some thing 'from your stock' please E-mail to us at jokes@kidswebindia.com.
At the end of the first term, my son's first standard teacher wrote on his report card ''very good over all, should participate more in class discussions''. A month later she made him write 50 times ''I will not talk in class. I will not talk in class''...
Lift operator : ''Right get out my son''.
Boy : ''How you dare call me son''
Lift operator :'' Well , I bought you up,didn't I?''
Why does a cow wear a bell?
Because her horns don't work.

What do you find at the end of everything?
The letter "g".

Two chickens were talking and one chicken said to a the other chicken "who is your favorite music composer?"

The second chicken responds "bach, bach, bach!"

What do you say when you meet a two-headed monster?
Hello, hello.
How many balls of string would it take to reach the moon?
Just one if it's long enough!
How did your mum know you hadn't washed your face?
I forgot to wet the soap!
Boss:"You are late for work today."
Secretary:"I'm sorry sir, but i would leave early to make up for it !"
"I work eight hours a day,and sleep for eight hours".
"So why did you get fired ?"
"Because they were the same eight hours."
Boss to his friend: My secretary is very punctual. She hasn't missed a tea-break in last ten years.
"Minutes of the meeting reveal the record of the hours wasted!"
Q:Why are writers the strongest creatures in the world?
A:Because 'tales' come out of their heads.
A local supermarket had this big sign: COMPARE OUR LOW RICES. On being asked "Compare with what," they replied:"Next week's prices!"
Doctor to patient:"Congratulations ! The high
price of butter, meat and eggs cleared up your
cholesterol !"
Doctor:What seems to be the problem?"
Patient:"I can't stop eating dates".
Doctor:"Whats wrong with that?"
Patient:"I've run out of calendar!"
"I'm having difficulty in breathing Doctor."
"I'll soon stop that !

Doctor:"How is the little boy who swallowed
a rupee coin?"
Nurse:No change yet, doctor!"

Doctor:"How many fingers am i holding up."
Doctor:"I do not know which is more worse,
your eye sight or arithmetic!"
I tried this new garlic diet that my doctor gave
me.I had to eat garlic for breakfast, lunch and
dinner." "Did you loose any weight?" "No. But
i lost a lot of friends."
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