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Smallest, Tallest, Biggest

The size of anything depends on your point of view!

The biggest land animal is African Elephant. It can weigh over 5 tones.

By the side of an elephant, a man looks and feels very small. Yet some animals are so small that a human eye cannot see them. Even among mammals, there are shrews and mice that size less than a human finger and are much smaller than the elephant’s smallest toe. A human being is an enormous creature next to a pygmy shrew, but the largest person in the world is small beside an elephant or a giraffe, which is the tallest mammal, about 6 M (20 ft)

The blue whale is also a mammal, though it lives in the sea. - A land animal as big as a blue whale would be impossible: its bones would not bear its body weight. – If you put an elephant next to a blue whale, it does not look large any more! Yes, the size of anything depends on our point of view!

Source: Find out About.


Sleep & You

We need six sleep hours to relax and rejuvenate our brains each night, with an additional one to three hours to repair and restore the body’s cells, say sleep experts. Women need an average of 54 minutes more sleep than men each night, and those who get enough sleep will feel healthier and live longer than men. On average, men make at least 12 full body twists and turns once asleep. They move or twitch more than 70 times a night!

A Unique Film Land

One of world’s best-equipped film studios is situated in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Ramoji Film City, at an hour’s distance from Hyderabad, is spread over 1000 acres. It has everything that a producer wants, and more. The facilities are so fabulous, varied and modern that dozens of films can be made there at a time. “All you need when you enter the city is a STORY and MONEY. You can leave with your film”. No dream, just real! The largest number of India’s feature films are now made in Telugu, the language Andhra’s speak.

Nile delta is sinking

Geologists warn that the Nile delta is slowly sinking below sea level. The slow subsidence does not mean immediate floods but could become soaked in salt, rendering it useless, Daniel Smith and his colleagues at the Smithsonian institution in Washington say. Combined with a gradual rise in sea-level, the whole area is losing about five mm [two tenths of an inch] a year, they wrote in a report in the science journal Nature.

Indonesia’s volcanoes

Indonesia, which has over 200 volcanoes, is the country with the maximum concentration of volcanoes. The Krakatoa, which caused the loudest explosion, is in Indonesia. It erupted on Aug. 27th, 1883 and its explosion was heard nearly 4800 km. away. The eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 released 6 million times more energy than that of the atomic bomb. The largest crater formed by a volcano, Toba is also in Indonesia-its area is 1775sq.km.

A Tiny Monkey

Brazil has the world’s greatest number of monkey species. Of about 250 known species, 80 are in Brazil. The world’s second smallest species { Sagui Dwarf } was discovered there by a Dutch scientist Marc Van Roosmalen in 1997. An average adult of the species measures only 10cm. The smallest known monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset, with an average size of 9.1cm.

Compiled By Nikitha Elizabeth Mathews, Source : Manorama year book

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