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QUOTES for Kids

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1. Uselessness of worry
WORRYING about your hard work does not make the work any easier, and it only makes you less strong and courageous for doing it. WORRYING about some misfortune that you cannot help makes the misfortune no less and only renders its endurance harder. Thus far even common sense goes. The religion goes further, and assures us that even the hard things, the obstacles and the hindrances, become blessings if we meet them in faith, stepping stones upward, disciplinary experiences in which we grow ever into nobler, stronger life.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

We must look to ourselves and take heed how we receive the acts ,the words, and the manners to others . If we are proud, and are always on the watch for slights and unfriendly hints and little hurts, we can find plenty of them. We need, therefore, to cultivate the spirit of humility in all our intercourse with others. We need to learn patience, forbearance, longsuffering, meekness, and forgiveness; in a world, love- love that thinketh no evil. Then we shall never be suspicious, never be exacting, never demand for our “rights”. We shall endure even intended wrongs patiently, sweetly, with true meekness.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

“Trifles make perfection”, replied the artist to one who asked him why he spent so much time in giving the little finishing touches to his statue. There can be no perfection in any kind of workmanship unless attention is paid to the minutest details, the merest trifles of construction or finishing. One smallest flaw or incompleteness left in the work, in any part of it, leaves a blemish on the finished endeavor. Life is like a mosaic, and each smallest stone must be polished and set with greatest care or the piece will not at last be prefect. One whose daily life is careless is always weak in character. But one, who habitually walks in right paths, no matter how small and apparently trifling the things may be, grows strong and noble. Trifles make perfection.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

4. True success
Full hands at the end of a life do not always tell of true success. Earthy failure is of times higher success in God’s eyes than what men regards as success. Scars of wounds gotten in conflict and strife with sin are more splendid marks of honors, when the hands are held up before God, than diamonds and gold and crowns gained by yielding in life conflicts. Strive to get your hands filled with the invisible things of God’s heavenly kingdom. Fight the battle of life heroically, and never mind the scars. Better have wounded and empty hands that are clean than hands that are full and yet are stained with sin.Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D. 5. The safest place The safest place in all this world is ever the place of duty. God’s wings are over it. God’s place guards it. It is said that at the center of the cyclone there is a spot where there is almost perfect calm. A leaf there is scarcely stirred, and a baby would lie there unharmed. So at the center of every great peril in the life is a spot of holy calm where even the feeblest would not be harmed. It is the place of duty, of obedience, of doing of God’s will. He who stays there amid peril and trial is perfectly safe. No storm smites him; no plague comes nigh his dwelling. The way of duty is always a place of absolute safety. None of sin’s ways are safe.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

6. What we owe to Friendship
We do not know much we owe to our true and pure friends- how much they add to our joy, what they do toward the formation and the adornment and enrichment of our character. We know not what touches, delicate and beautiful, on the canvas of our soul there will be forever, which the fingers of a friend have left there. There will be silver thread in every life-web when finished, woven into the fabric by the pure friendship of many days. How important that only the true, the worthy, those with clean hands and good lives, be taken as friends! For an evil companionship will put stained and soiled threads into the web.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

7. The moral power of “YES” It is important that we learn to say YES when yes is the true answer. To all invitations upward to truer, deeper, richer, nobler life we should instantly answer YES. All calls to duty, to holy service, to noble deeds, to heroic battle, we should meet with glad YES. While we instantly shut our hearts against all that is impure and unholy, all thoughts that would tarnish or stain or blight, we should open them just as quickly to all thoughts that are pure and true and honest and just and lovely.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

8. Choice of Friends
We should choose friends whom we can take into every part of our life, into every closest communion, into every holy joy of our heart, into every consecration and service, in to every hope, and between whom and us there shall never be a point at which we shall not be in sympathy. We ought to accept only the friendship that will bring blessing to our lives, that will enrich our character, that will stimulate us to better and holier things, that will weave threads of silver and gold into our web of life, whose every influence will be a lasting benediction.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

9.Silence that is golden It is easy for one to poison a person’s mind concerning another. There is measureless ruin wrought in this world by the slanderer. Characters are blackened, friendships are destroyed, jealousies are aroused, homes are torn up, and hearts are broken. Let us never take up an evil report and give it wing on breath of ours. Let us never whisper an evil thing of another. We know not where it may end, to what it may grow, what ruin it may work. Words once spoken can never be gotten back again. We had better learn to keep the door of our lips locked and say no evil ever of anyone. This is a silence we shall never regret.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

10. Growing through Habits
One whose life is always weak; but one who habitually walks in the paths of uprightness and obedience grows strong in character. Exercise develops all the powers of his being. Doing well continually adds to one’s capacity for doing well. Victorious in trial or trouble puts ever-new strength in to the heart. The habit of faith in the darkness prepares for stronger faith. Habits of obedience make one immovable in one’s loyalty to duty. We can never over – estimate the importance of life’s habits; they lead our growth of character in whatever way they tend.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

11. Fault- Finding It is strange how oblivious we can be of our own faults and of the blemishes in our own character, and how clearly we can see the faults and blemishes of other people. Finding so much wrong in others is not a flattering indication of what our hearts contain. We ought to be very quite and modest in criticizing others, for in most cases we are just telling the world what our own faults are. Before we turn our microscopes on others to search out the unbeautiful things in them, we had better look in our mirrors to see whether or not we are free ourselves from the blemishes we would reprove in our neighbour. There is a wise bit of Scripture which bids us get clear of the beams in our own eyes, that we may see to pick the motes out of the eyes of others.
Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

12. Our Clumsy Hand
Most of us are awkward in doing most loving deeds. We must learn to be patient, therefore, with people’s awkwardness and clumsiness. Their hearts may be gentler than their minds. Do not misinterpret their actions, finding enmity where purest love is, indifference where affection is warmest, slights where honour was meant. Away with your petty suspicions! Be patient even with people’s faults. Let us train ourselves to find the best always of people and their actions, and to find some beauty in every thing. Quote fromIn Green PasturesBy, J.R. Miller, D.D.

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